Do you struggle with a constantly full Gmail inbox? Our Attachments Extractor for Gmail is here to streamline your email management. With Google's 15GB limit on free accounts, it's easy to run out of space. Our tool helps you free up precious inbox space by removing bulky attachments from your emails, without losing your important messages.

This tool has been audited and approved by Google to gain access to the Gmail API.
It has undergone rigorous testing to ensure reliability.
Your emails are processed directly in your browser. They are never sent to our servers.

How It Works

The way this tool works is that it first extract and downloads the attachments(optional) into your computer. It then creates a copy of the messages but with the attachments removed.

Then, depending on the mode you choose, it will either put the original message into the trash, or it will simply add labels to both the original message and the copy message so that you can manually delete the originals once you've reviewed everything.

Easy Steps

How it works
  1. Connect with Gmail: Securely authorize access to your Gmail account directly from your browser.
  2. Set Your Criteria: Filter the emails you want to clean up by date, message size or any search query.
  3. Customize Extraction Settings: Select your preferred mode for managing emails:
    Opt for the 'Move to Trash' mode to automatically discard original messages with attachments after extraction,
    or choose the 'Label' mode to tag both the original and modified messages, enabling you to manually review and confirm the changes before deletion.
  4. Select Download Location: Decide if and where to download the attachments on your computer.
  5. Start Extracting: When you're ready, you can start the extraction. The app will take care of the rest.

Key Features

100% Browser-Based:No downloads or installations required. Two Convenient Modes:
  • Trash Original Messages: Automatically declutter your inbox.
  • Label Messages: Manually review changes for peace of mind.
Extraction:Download your attachment files.

Safety and Privacy - Our Top Priorities

  • Audited and Approved by Google: To be able to access the Gmail API, this tool has been audited by Google and was approved to get access to sensitive scopes such as Emails.
  • Tested and Trusted: This tool has undergone rigorous testing to ensure reliability.
  • Privacy-First Approach: Your emails and attachments are processed locally. They are never sent to our servers.
  • No permanent deletion: If you make an error during the extraction process, you can easily revert the changes, regardless of the selected mode.
Safety and Privacy

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